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Basketball problems:


1: Michael Jordan was ON FIRE!! He made 14, 3-point shots in one game. How many points did he get from shooting 3s?


2: Dennis Rodman grabbed 17 rebounds in each of his first 3 games.  For his 4th game he grabbed 21 rebounds. How many rebounds per game did Dennis Rodman average in his first 4 games of the season.


3: Steve Nash of the Dallas Mavericks made 34 assists in 3 games. In the next 3 games Steve made 38 assists. How many assists did Steve Nash make in those 6 games?


4: Allen Iverson made 11 steals in each of his 3 games. How many steals did he make in the 3 games?


5: Carmelo Anthony already has 3 triple doubles.  He has 66 total points when accomplishing a triple double. He has 34 assists when accomplishing a triple double, and 32 rebounds when accomplishing a triple double.  How many points did he average in the 3 games? How many assists did he average in the 3 games? How many rebounds did he average in the 3 games?


How to:


Average a Stat:

Add all of the players total points and divide the number of points scored by their games played.


Figure out a Team's winning percentage:

Divide the number of wins the team has by the number of games the team has played.

Figure out a Team's or a Player's Field goal percentage:

Divide the number of shots that went in during the game, by the number of shots the Team or the Player has taken. Use the first 2 digits in the number you see and put a percentage mark before the first two digits. (Unless the person has made all of their shots. Their FG% would be %100)





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