School's Out, But Learning's In!

To enjoy a digital summer, remember to PACK wisely.

Play, Adventure, Create and Knowledge
PACKS for Young Summer Vacationers
Grades K-2
PACKS for Growing  Vacationers
Grades 3-5
Summer Picnic Flip-A-Chip
ALFY Goes Camping I Know That
Red Dog The Exploratorium Brain Explorer
Backyard Nature National Parks Conservation
River Rafting Game Telling Tales Story Starters
Beach Fun With Otty Nature: Puzzles and Fun
Draw and Color With Uncle Fred Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets
Lil' Fingers Web Monteray Bay Aquarium
OOPS Kid's Activity Page Jigsawdoku
Jan Brett's Home Page Play Four!
Word Magnet Crack the Magic Code!
Go On a Word Hunt JigZone
Book Pop Online Reading Collection Engaging Science
Jump Frog
13 Ways of Looking at a Half
Dr. Marbles and the Cybersquad
Mr. Elephant's Matching Game