Phoebe  Fraunces
By  Amanda M.
     Phoebe  Fraunces was a female  spy at  13  years old.  Sam  Fraunces,  her dad, worked at  the  Queen's  Head  in New  York.  Phoebe  was a  spy  for General  Washington.  Phoebe had  to  look  out  for  people   with  a  T in their name  because  they  would  kill  General  Washington.
     General   Washington  had a  dinner at  his  house.  Mr.  Hickey, General Washington's   bodyguard,  was  there with other  rich people.     Mr. Hickey was  too  nice  to  Phoebe.  She knew that  something  was  wrong  because  he  was  giving her  British  bread  for  Phoebe's   chicken's.  Before dinner ,Mr. Hickey put  poison on  General  Washington's  peas  but  Phoebe  saved  his  life. Phoebe  threw the  plate out before  General  Washington ate it. Most of Phoebe's  chicken's  died from the peas because they were poisoned So  Phoebe Fraunces saved  General  Washington's  life and,  as  for  Sam Fraunce, he was a butler for the next three  presidents.